This Phoenixville Coffee Shop Provides a Unique Bagel Experience

Phoenixville Coffee Shop - Sweet Brew Cafe

The American population can’t get enough coffee. Almost every busy road consists of a Starbucks or Dunkin Donuts’. Side roads and highways are lined with signs pointing towards the coffee shops that have become household names. Each chain coffee house is bustling with baristas and cooks rapidly fulfilling orders–like a caffeinated assembly line. So how are the small coffee shops still surviving? They provide a unique experience for their customers. One of them lives on Bridge Street in Phoenixville, Pennsylvania, and lets its customers build their own bagels.

A Unique Bagel Experience

Plain, Blueberry, French Toast, you name it–Sweet Brew Cafe has it. Whatever your taste buds are craving, you can add it to your bagel. Personally–I love a french toast bagel with sweet cream and cinnamon toast crunch on top. Not only does it give the customer the ability to build their own bagel, but you can also pair it with your favorite drink.

Perfect Morning Stop

This Phoenixville coffee shop doesn’t have seating inside but you can stop in and order everything to go. Sweet Brew launched in mid-December and is in the early stages of its downtown life. According to their site, they are partnering with Speakeasy Coffee Roaster in Pennsburg, PA.

State of the Global Coffee Market

This blog highlights the locally owned business, Sweet Brew Cafe, but it’s worth adding clarity into the state of the coffee market. Coffee consumption is rising alongside the trend of specialty coffee shops. This excerpt from Maximize Market Research shows the correlation to the COVID-19 pandemic. 

“Work from remote is gaining popularity, Cafes which are providing free internet, affordable prices and uninterrupted sittings have seen tremendous growth since last year. These cafes are being used as an alternative for Co-working spaces which caused a sudden boost to the coffee shop market.”

Also, the report goes on to highlight that mass coffee chains are dominating the industry. However, the increase in market size will give smaller players an opportunity to enter the coffee space.

Where to Find Sweet Brew Cafe 

Support this Phoenixville Coffee Shop by visiting their downtown location and navigating to their webpages.

158 Bridge Street

Phoenixville, PA 19460

Website: Sweet Brew Cafe Website

Instagram: Sweet Brew Instagram

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