Why You Need to Try This Phoenixville Wine Bar

Charcuterie Board at Vintner's Table in Phoenixville
Holiday Workshop at Vinter’s Table

For wine lovers, there are endless possibilities to taste rich flavors across the globe. In Southeast PA, there’s a winery in Kutztown called Folino Estate. Folino is an award-winning winery with a 54-acre vineyard in the countryside. Along with their Tuscan Italian Villa, they have a tasting room in Phoenixville called Vintner’s Table. Essentially, it’s a wine bar, gift shop, and tasting room located on Bridge Street.

Fitted with wine bottle chandeliers and barrel lighting fixtures, the warm vibe inside the tasting room is enough to keep you sipping wine for hours–responsibly, of course. The lounge area sits in the corner with a fireplace and is often accompanied by live musicians.

The bar service spans across the back of the room with a vast selection of bottles lining the walls to the right. It’s a perfect spot for sharing light Italian food and grabbing a drink with friends and loved ones.

Vintner’s Table offers unique events that are a combo of genius marketing and excellent customer service. I recently attended my second workshop at Vintner’s Table and wanted to share the experience.


Charcuterie board ingredients at Vintner's Table in Phoenixville
Ingredients for Charcuterie Board

‘Workshop’ sounds formal but you can learn about different kinds of ritzy party topics like charcuterie boards. Over the holidays, they had an instructor-led workshop that taught a group of 8-10 how to find ingredients, create, and display charcuterie boards.

The groups were an opportunity to meet great people and share a drink with your neighbors.

Wine Pairing

Wine and chocolate pairing at Vintner's Table in Phoenixville
Valentine’s Day Chocolate Pairing

Vintner’s Table also hosts wine pairings. It’s an obvious staple within the wine community to pair certain foods with wine but this gives wine novices a chance to learn. The image above shows a Valentine’s Day chocolate and wine pairing.

It’s not often you dive into the intricacies of how tiramisu and sweet wine complement each other. Also, featuring Folino’s assortment of sweet wine and Bridge Street Chocolate products, you’ll experience tastes you haven’t before!

Events Year-Round

Their winery gives people something to do year-round. When you think of a winery, you think of spring and summer, sipping wine on a terrace. Yet, Folino found a way to make a chilly evening in the cold months worth the journey outside of your house.

Their page will give you more details on upcoming events.

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