Announcement: New Collaboration Between Hello422 and Bizcolumnist.com

Hello 422 and Bizcolumnist.com collaboration

The past 2 years people felt more distanced than ever. Yet, in a strange way, we’ve found ways to be closer than before. One is the support we have for small businesses. The people who run our restaurants, boutiques, coffee shops, and everything in between, are the lifeblood of our economy. During the outbreak of COVID-19, we found our local businesses struggling to stay open. We saw first-hand the effects on our communities and the people who run them. For people like Chris Lerch, founder of Hello422, he faced adversity head-on with the power of social media.

In the beginning stages of the pandemic, Chris saw small businesses struggling. As we all faced a new enemy, an idea to unite the community was born.

How to keep people shopping locally and keep our businesses open?

“Shop Small Win Big,” was his first attempt at paying it forward. Rounding up 80+ businesses to contribute a $100 gift card for a challenge set on the community. The idea was simple, spend $50 or more at a local business and enter to win the pool of gift cards.

Over $80,000 was spent in the 1-week challenge for small businesses.

Since the first contest, Hello422 evolved into a brand to help small businesses from Pottstown to Phoenixville. Recently, I decided to begin my own passion project writing business news, spotlights, guides, and success stories. Chris found my first locally “viral” piece promoting the best things to do in Phoenixville.

Bizcolumnist.com is my site dedicated to business and community. You can say my curiosity in others’ stories comes from my journalism background. I’ve always had an interest in business books and biographies so starting this site felt effortless.

Hello422 and Bizcolumnist share similar motives—help small businesses. Our content aligns in a way that makes it easy to reach more people and promote shopping locally.

We’re here to announce that we’re collaborating in content to deliver a deeper connection with our audiences. You’ll be able to find blogs on both our sites dedicated to small businesses.

I’ll be taking feedback and story suggestions from our communities. Feel free to reach out to our emails with ideas.

I’m excited to connect with everyone who supports Hello422! You can find me on socials below as well as my website, Bizcolumnist.com.

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