The Biggest Direct Mail Marketing Mistake 

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I live in an apartment complex surrounded by others with the same living situation. While they’re a variety of reasons to rent versus buy, there’s one thing we all receive at our common area mailboxes–direct mail marketing. This might be a rant, but I can’t wrap my head around the direct mail marketing I receive on a daily basis. 

Why are companies continuing to send direct mail to an apartment complex made of 20-somethings? Sure, retail, food, and other consumable companies make sense. However, there’s a common theme that is clearly overlooked by home service companies.

Stop Wasting Money On Incorrect Data 

Bad data can cause problems with a marketing campaign. 

If I wrote this blog on a piece of paper, I would underline, bold, and circle everything related to wasted opportunity. 

The home service industry is wasting its money by dropping a piece of mail into the mailboxes of every single person in an apartment complex. Instead of blindly purchasing X amount of zip codes or addresses—allocate your dollars to something more useful. 

I used to sell ads for TV, social, digital, and AI-based targeting. I can tell you companies making this direct mail marketing mistake are the easiest to prospect. 

They’re wasting money.  

Here are a few reasons why home service companies should re-evaluate direct mail:

  • Renters don’t make decisions on heaters, air conditioners, plumbing, etc. 
  • Renters are either young and not ready for home-ownership or not in a financial position to purchase big-ticket equipment 
  • If you’re targeting landlords, you most likely need to go through corporate contacts as they’re owned by bigger entities 
  • You’re wasting mail budget on something that can be used on a different medium and the correct audience 

There are plenty of reasons to discuss this marketing issue but those bullets hit the main points. Furthermore, even though my focus is on home services—I see mistakes in other sectors too. 

A better solution to increase conversion is by using a targeted approach. Even if the business is looking to spread brand awareness, a $99 offer to clean my furnace isn’t the right message. 

Next time you plan a campaign, make sure you don’t make the same direct mail marketing mistake.

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