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Independent Bookshop in Greater Philadelphia - Reads & Company
Inside Reads & Company – Photo by Bizcolumnist

The digital age gives us endless ways to consume books. Entire libraries now fit in your pocket. Any genre, author, and style can be read or listened to on an app. Why shop at a bookstore? Well, no matter what–people still like to physically read a book. I, for one, stare at screens all day for work and need a reprieve from the blue light trance. Others might feel the same but there’s something relaxing about walking into an independent bookshop. Recently, I ventured into Reads & Company, a bookshop in Greater Philadelphia, to purchase my new book.

Reads & Company – Phoenixville, PA

Upon walking into this bookshop, you’ll find yourself welcomed by indie tunes and a display of new arrivals. Bestsellers and popular titles are strategically placed towards the front of the store. Shelves along the open brick walls contain all the common genres you’d see at a big box store. 

The best part about this independent bookstore radiates between the open brick walls–personalization. As I am writing this blog, it’s a week before Valentine’s Day. Reads & Company packaged mystery books for that special person all wrapped with holiday-themed paper. Also, noted tables fill the main area, calling attention to timely subjects like Black History Month. 

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For a small shop, it packs a lot into its narrow downtown space. It is a local store, so be mindful of their selection and size of operation. For parents, the children’s section is located in the back beyond the cooking, poetry, and artistic section. 

Support Local Businesses 

Supporting small businesses is a common theme on this blog. If you are looking to put your nose into the latest “New York Times” bestseller, consider shopping at a local store. If you’re looking to find a great independent bookshop in Greater Philadelphia. Check out Reads & Company’s website

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