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Creating a website from scratch is difficult. At times, it can be stressful and put you on the brink of rage. Whether you’re a blogger, freelancer, professional, or hobbyist, a website can represent your craft and add credibility to your name. A lackluster site can do the opposite. You might search for hours finding the right icons or develop carpal tunnel syndrome after endlessly Googling free stock graphics. As someone who aspires to use my own graphics, I know a thing or two about design. 

I started using Photoshop over 10 years ago. I had a basic graphic design class where we were challenged to recreate album covers, advertisements, and popular art. Since then, I haven’t stopped using Photoshop. I’ve used it for video projects, email headers, websites, and even memes. It’s one of the best software tools ever created.

Now that I have a blog, Photoshop is a necessity. It’s extremely hard to find simple graphics for free. Sure, I don’t mind crediting someone else’s work, but sometimes the free images don’t accurately represent my blog. 

This leads me to one thing–cracking my knuckles and opening Photoshop. 

Who is going to copyright a bunch of shapes that I created myself on a blank canvas? No one! I have free reign of my imagination to design a graphic that’s unique to my subject. To hell with the hours of searching, I can create my own graphic in a couple of hours. 

I understand the pain you’re going through. When I started designing my own thumbnails, I realized I had to cut down on writing. Even though free stock images are great for a quick turnaround, I want to increase the quality of my work. Creating my own stock graphics helps with writer’s block and creativity. 

So here’s my offer. 

Take these 3 stock graphics for FREE. Throw an attribution on your blog–created by Bizcolumnist.com–and keep churning out blogs. 

Free Stock Graphics 

Each graphic is 1080×1080/300ppi, which makes posting on social media easy. You can download all of the files right on this blog. I am hoping to create a bigger repository of free graphics for everyone, but here is my first round.

Feel free to donate if you love these graphics! Otherwise, take them and run. 

Attribution – Bizcolumnist.com 

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