Working From Home? Try This Greater Philly Coffeehouse  

Greater Philly Coffeehouse - Steel City Coffeehouse and Brewery
Steel City Coffeehouse Stage Area

Working from home has its perks. I am fortunate enough to have the opportunity to wake up in my apartment and log onto my virtual job. Although it seems glamorous, at times, I need a change in scenery. Much like a cubicle–or being on autopilot in an office–I find myself craving something different. What’s better than opening a laptop in a coffeehouse and enjoying the sights and sounds? This Greater Philly coffeehouse is my go-to for working from home. 

Greater Philly Coffeehouse - Cold Brew
Celtic Cold Brew – Bizcolumnist

Steel City Coffeehouse and Brewery 

Complimentary WiFi, check. Coffee, check. Extensive menu, check.

Steel City has everything you need to work from home. 

Not only does this coffeehouse offer options for people working from home, but it’s a great stop for people visiting downtown Phoenixville. Its menu provides patrons with items for any time of the day. 

True to its name–you can also pick up adult beverages branded with Steel City’s locally-themed logo. According to the site, its craft beer is in collaboration with Co-Hops, which works with local businesses to develop recipes. 

Steel City Coffeehouse Craft Beer
Steel City Craft Beer – via

Live Events

For people working from home, this might not be your cup of joe, but it could be something you pencil on your calendar after work. 

Steel City supports up-and-coming musicians and poets through its open mic night every Thursday at 7:00 p.m. Additionally, Steel City hosts scheduled events featuring more locally-inspired creatives. 

Whether you choose a vegan diet, or you need a pick-me-up on a Saturday evening, this Greater Philly Coffeehouse has your fix–7 days a week

Check out the menu here

Be mindful that Steel City is a local business. If you are interested in ordering online, it may be suspended during durations of high volume.

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