5 Parks to Visit Around Phoenixville 

Reeves Park - Parks Around Phoenixville
Reeve’s Park, Phoenixville, PA – Bizcolumnist

Spring is here, and it’s time to dust off those old walking shoes and immerse yourself in nature. With a cool morning and a mild afternoon, it can be the best time of the year to get fresh air. If you need ideas to kick start your outdoor experience, here are 5 parks to visit around Phoenixville. 

Valley Forge National Historical Park

While this may seem like an obvious choice, many people I talk with do not realize it’s close to Phoenixville. It’s by far the largest park along Route 422 due to its vast historic acreage. 

You can start by the visitor area and follow the trails that wind through the historic encampment fields. As expected, there are lots of areas to stop and learn about Valley Forge’s history. 

The paths offer a smooth surface for biking and pushing strollers. Additionally, the national park is fee-free and dog-friendly. 

Black Rock Sanctuary 

Black Rock Sanctuary - Parks Around Phoenixville,
Black Rock Sanctuary –

This walking trail spot is located 1 mile north of Phoenixville. This educational park has an interpretive trail that’s just under 1 mile and ADA-accessible. 

Black Rock also offers a meadow trail in proximity to parking lots and restrooms. 

Reeves Park 

Reeves Park - Parks Around Phoenixville,
Reeves Park –

Located in the borough of Phoenixville, Reeves park is a great spot for an afternoon picnic. The park does not have walking trails, but it has areas for exercise. 

For families, there is an outdoor playground. During the summer months, you’ll often find events happening in the park. The center of the park has an outdoor pavilion where you can listen to bands, speakers, and more. 

This area is a common spot for dog walkers. You can also work out on the outdoor gym equipment or practice your batting skills on the baseball field. 

Lastly, the focal point of the park is the Reeves Statue–teaching visitors a little bit of Phoenixville’s history. 

Lock 60 

Lock 60 - Parks Around Phoenixville,
Lock 60 –

This site is another piece of history in the area. Lock 60 is a restored lock on the Schuylkill canal navigation system, which is often demonstrated for visitors. 

The walking trail is a 5-mile water loop and provides plenty of spots for birdwatching and fishing. 

Longford Park/Reynolds’ Dog Park 

Longford Park/Reynolds
Longford Park/Reynolds’ Dog Park –

I had to include a dog park here because many Phoenixville residents are dog lovers. This park is a popular spot to bring your dog along the Schuylkill River Trail. 

It’s also located near Port Providence Park Road Park where you can rent kayaks for an aquatic experience along the Schuylkill River Trail. 

Support Local Parks 

Be respectful when visiting parks around Phoenixville. These parks are funded and maintained by volunteers who make sure our parks are preserved. Check out the rules before visiting and enjoy your experience!

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