Mont Clare Deli Set to Open Next Week

Exterior of Mont Clare Deli & Market -
Exterior of Mont Clare Deli & Market –

If you ever traveled from Mont Clare to Route 422, you may have noticed how empty it is along the way. Route 29 is a major corridor for Mont Clare commuters, but there are no gas stations, restaurants, or even drive-thrus. The hilly highway is narrow and lacks any sort of stop in the area. Starting next week, Route 29 is going to change with the opening of Mont Clare Deli & Market–Steel City Coffeehouse & Brewery’s satellite location. 

Mont Clare’s newest sandwich shop provides a much-needed solution for hungry travelers on Route 29. This deli is located at 500 Bridge Street, which is the former home of Eagles Nest Deli & Market. Its placement is one of the many reasons owners Laura Venola-Simpson and Ed Simpson are excited to bring the Steel City brand to Mont Clare. 

Mont Clare Deli & Market Sign - Bizcolumnist,com
Mont Clare Deli & Market Sign – Bizcolumnist,com

What to Expect From Mont Clare Deli

Mont Clare Deli is going to have an extensive menu compared to the former. The new menu will consist of breakfast bites, hot and cold sandwiches, pastries, and more. The deli will be open 7 days a week from 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. 

Additionally, as a new location for Steel City, you’ll be able to purchase coffee and take-out beer. Customers will also have the ability to opt for grab-and-go-style meals.

For those familiar with the old resident, Eagles Nest Deli, the building retained much of its traditional look during the renovation. The owners decided to keep the original aesthetics. Customers will see vintage signage, classic tables, and iconic black and white flooring. The deli will also feature pictures of the Simpson family to maintain the local small business feel. 

Inside of Mont Clare Deli -
Inside of Mont Clare Deli –

Renovations were done to revitalize the building that was once a Sunoco gas station. Although the tanks were removed roughly 30 years ago–before Eagles Nest Deli–the county placed variances on the building to keep it a deli for all future use.

Vintage Picture of Eagles Nest Deli & Market - Courtesy of Mont Clare Deli
Vintage Picture of Eagles Nest Deli & Market – Courtesy of Mont Clare Deli

The kitchen was restored and upgraded to handle fresh menu items offered to customers. Fitted with a top-of-the-line espresso machine, Mont Clare Deli is ready to serve the community. 

The Future of Mont Clare Deli

In the coming months, Mont Clare Deli is looking to utilize the take-out window for ice cream–pending a small renovation to make it more accessible to the kitchen. 

The location has ample parking for customers, which the owners believe will be beneficial for travelers on Route 29. The open area also gives Mont Clare Deli an opportunity to open a Biergarten next summer, which adds another perk to its take-out beer.

There are exciting plans for Mont Clare Deli, and it’s just getting started! Please support this woman-owned business by choosing to eat at Mont Clare Deli. 

A final hint, keep an eye out for the flag outside the building–that’s when you’ll know it’s open!


Mont Clare Deli & Market

500 bridge street

Mont Clare, Pennsylvania 19453

Website: Mont Clare Deli 

Facebook: Mont Clare Deli Facebook

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