Shopping in Downtown Phoenixville? Don’t Limit Yourself to Bridge Street

Shopping in Phoenixville
Top of Main Street – taken by

It’s common for visitors and new residents to get confused by Bridge Street.

“It’s Phoenixville’s ‘main’ road!”

Sure, it’s the main road that splits downtown Phoenixville. However, Main Street is perpendicular to Bridge Street. 

Bridge Street is not Main Street. 

Phoenixville Map - Shopping

Often, you’ll find business owners dealing with the misconception of downtown visitors. Especially during the open-air experience. 

The open-air experience is an amazing opportunity for shops to have sidewalk retail space. Yet, the closure only affects Bridge Street businesses. There are plenty of small businesses on the streets adjoining Bridge Street that do not benefit from the closure.  

There’s Cameron Peters Floral Design at the top of Main Street. It’s a boutique florist with local art, flowers, and plants (featured image). 

There’s Forever Changes, which is a record store with a rich history. The shop was featured this week on

You might even want to try new jerky at House of Jerky

The small businesses of Phoenixville get a lot of foot traffic from visitors shopping downtown. People who explore the downtown area help the restaurants and shops thrive. Not to mention, there are businesses on Gay Street and Church Street that benefit from the proximity to Bridge Street. 

There’s even an Instagram handle dedicated to the businesses on Main, Gay, and Church Streets.

Don’t limit yourself to shopping on Bridge Street. If you want to support all Phoenixville downtown businesses, take a stroll down one of the other streets. There are hidden gems all over Phoenixville! 

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