Phoenixville First Friday: A Community Tradition 

First Friday - Phoenixville
Image courtesy -Phoenixville First

First Friday is synonymous with summertime. Across the nation, First Friday is celebrated amongst cities and towns to bring people together. For those unfamiliar with the First Fridays phenomena, it refers to the first Friday of every month, usually within the summer months. May’s First Friday was canceled due to weather, but let’s talk about what you will experience during the forthcoming Phoenixville First Fridays. 

What Happens on First Friday?

Visitors can take in the sights and sounds of downtown Phoenixville in a variety of ways. There are bands, entertainers, craft vendors, boutique stands, outdoor dining, and more. Whatever you have interest in, you’ll probably find it during First Friday. 

If you’re dining and shopping, be on the lookout for deals associated with First Friday.

These weekend events are hosted by Phoenixville First–an organization formed by several community leaders. 

The best part about Frist Friday is that everything is locally curated. From bands to sponsors, it’s a way to strengthen the community. Every vendor and entertainer participating in the event is permitted by the Phoenixville First organization. 

If you’re looking to participate, you can fill out a form on the website. The community organization also puts together other events associated with Phoenixville. 

The other events include PXV Inside Out, Summer Music Series, and the Phoenixville Harvest Festival. The organization also puts together a holiday version of First Friday–spanning the month of December. 

Where It’s Located

All the artists, entertainers, vendors, etc. can be found throughout Main and Bridge Street. Additionally, you’ll find stands within the Main and Bridge Street parking lot. 

Check out the photos below. 

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