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The Must-Visit Phoenixville Record Store 

Phoenixville Record Store - Forever Changes
Forever Changes –

In recent years, vinyl records surged in sales. Music fans flocked to the sound and nostalgia of owning records. If you look online, you can see artists promoting releases of their new and old music available to purchase on vinyl. It’s a trend that only seems to be rising in popularity. In November 2021, the borough welcomed Phoenixville’s newest record store–Forever Changes

Forever Changes

As you walk into the Phoenixville record store, you get a glimpse of how music shopping felt decades ago. The rustic, brick walls reverberate with the tunes of a record player. 

Crates of the old and new vinyl line the walls of the shop. Merchandise of classic artists and timeless references fill the center of the room. 

The shop is dedicated to the culture of music, which is prevalent across the Phoenixville community. It comes from the continued legacy of the record store owner, Shawn Cephas. 

According to the site, Shawn’s father, James Cephas, owned 3 record stores in Philadelphia called King James Records. Over 20 years after James Cephas’ passing, Shawn decided to continue his legacy through a vinyl pop-up shop.

Shawn continues to serve the community alongside his wife, Anna Spackman. He told The Mercury in 2021 about the vibe he wanted to create for the store. 

“I want a place where anyone can come and feel welcome. This world will not grow if anyone feels like an outsider. I am going up against streaming and Amazon, with the hopes that people will come in and support small businesses and the artists here.”

The Mercury, November 25, 2021

On Instagram, you can see live performances that occur at the shop. 

You can also find new artists’ music on vinyl stands as well as features and recommendations. If you’re in the area, you need to check out this Phoenixville record store. Support the local music community by shopping at Forever Changes.

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