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Building a Culture Around Live Music: The Sound Bank 

Live Music in Phoenixville - The Sound Bank
The Sound Bank Stage –

On an average night in Phoenixville, you have what feels like endless options to see live music. Folk, pop, punk, hip-hop, whatever you are into–downtown Phoenixville probably has it. Whether a band is posted up in the corner of a bar or lifted on an outdoor stage, you can discover music from all types of artists. The live music scene around this town is special–and rightfully so. 

So what makes the music scene special? It’s people like Chris Bailey, the co-owner of The Sound Bank on South Main Street. Chris broke free from the corporate world to get back to his roots of music and talent booking. He started The Sound Bank 2 years ago but experienced the challenges of navigating the pandemic. After restrictions were lifted, the venue recently hit a milestone–1 year of full operational capacity. At full capacity with a hardworking team, The Sound Bank is hitting its stride. 

The Sound Bank Bar - Live Music Phoenixville
The Sound Bank bar featuring Stable 12 on tap –

At the entrance of The Sound Bank on South Main Street, you can see straight through the double doors and back to the focal point of the venue–the stage. Acts from New York City to Nashville make their way to The Sound Bank to jam in front of an intimate audience. Bailey prides himself on booking talent that gives old and new artists access to professional sound engineering. 

The Sound Bank is a Phoenixville-based venue, so it comes as no surprise that local musicians are a staple on weekend nights. The Florida Wayne Band is one of the homegrown bands that draw bigger crowds to The Sound Bank. The band’s relationship with Chris is one of the reasons Phoenixville is special for rising artists. 

“I moved to Phoenixville because of the music scene from Malvern (no music scene) 5 years ago. Phoenixville is a town full of people who love and support local live music, from the venues to the artists themselves. It’s where bands and artists support each other instead of competing with each other. The camaraderie here is unlike anything I’ve experienced anywhere.”   

— Florida Wayne, Florida Wayne Band

The Florida Wayne Band is playing this Saturday at The Sound Bank and you can get your tickets here: The Climaxers + XIXIX + Florida Wayne Band Tickets

Sound Bank Promo, Florida Wayne Band + XIXIX

The community supports local music in so many ways. Stable 12 Brewing Company partnered with The Sound Bank to have beer on tap at the bar. Forever Changes is working with Chris Bailey to display records within the venue. Steel City Coffee House puts on live music and encourages people to visit The Sound Bank and support the music culture in Phoenixville.

Album Wall at The Sound Bank
Albums From Forever Changes

As the music scene grows within the town, The Sound Bank is also going to change. From subtle tweaks to the stage to perfecting the audio system, the goal is to make The Sound Bank a destination for all types of artists. 

It’s not often you find a town so willing to help others succeed, and Chris has received nothing but positive feedback from the community. Like most businesses around Phoenixville, they’re hiring—Sous Chefs are encouraged to apply! To support the staff further and continue helping the music scene, please check out the site to learn more about The Sound Bank. 

The Sound Bank




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