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Here’s How the Art Community Is Subtly Transforming Downtown Phoenixville

Phoenixville art community - artists of phoenixville
Utility Box Painting – Taken By

In a normal town, you’ll drive by a utility box and not think a single thing about it. Who cares about a utility box, right? When you see a utility box in Phoenixville, you see character, passion, and revitalization. That’s because an artist turned the utility box into a personal canvas–covering the box in art. 

Phoenixville art community - artists of phoenixville
Utility Box Painting – Taken by

The utility boxes around Phoenixville are just one of the many things artists are influencing around the town. The nod to the art community is assisted by the borough, which presented the artists with the opportunity to use their skills to enhance the area. 

The transformation of Phoenixville is part of the Beautification Advisory Committee. The mission of the committee is, “To promote, enhance, and sustain the beautification of the Borough of Phoenixville.

The BAC has resources on the borough website to guide artists through the necessary requirements to paint a public space in Phoenixville. The program gives artists a chance to paint murals with the consent of the BAC and the Visual Arts Committee. 

The Phoenixville Art Scene

Downtown Phoenixville is changing with the support of the borough. The work created by these artists creates a unique aesthetic for the community. With all the enhancements to downtown, it also comes with support from local businesses. 

Steel City Coffeehouse & Brewery provides local artists with the ability to display artwork on the gallery wall. The gallery wall rotates various selections from Artists of Phoenixville. 

Artists of Phoenixville is a small community dedicated to the artists in the area. According to its website, the group welcomes people of all skill sets. 

PXV Art Mag is also produced by Artists of Phoenixville, which features–you guessed it–work from a diverse group of local artists. The newest release celebration is on May 1 from 2:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. at Steel City. 

Whether you’re an at-home artist or own a studio, Phoenixville supports the art scene.

Events and Studios 

There are workshops in Phoenixville to learn more about creating art like Barnstone Art for Kids–a heart-warming non-profit in Phoenixville using art as a means of resilience for children facing adversity. You can learn more by visiting their website. 

You can visit studios around PXV by checking out different styles like Teresa Haag Studio & Gallery, focusing on the subjects of cityscapes and landscapes. 

You can find more events around Phoenixville related to art by visiting Artists of Phoenixville. 

Support Local Artists

Downtown Phoenixville is a hotspot for artists. Between the music and art scene, creativity in the community is welcomed with open arms. Please support local artists by visiting their social media pages. 

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