Dog-Friendly Things to Do in Phoenixville 

Dog-friendly - Phoenixville
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I’m not sure if there is another town that is more dog-friendly than Phoenixville. You can easily find places to take your furry friends throughout the borough. For dog owners who question where to take their dog–here are a couple of ideas for you and your companion. 

Dog Parks Around Phoenixville 

There are 2 dog parks around Phoenixville: Reservoir Park and Longfords/Reynolds’ Dog Park. 

Reservoir Park is located on the north side of Phoenixville. The easiest way to get to the park is to travel north on Gay Street and continue traveling on Franklin Ave until you see the sign. 

The park is located alongside the disc golf course and is the future home of the MTB Skills Park. There is a small and large dog section. The area is wooded with an open area for your dog to play. The park also incorporates water for thirsty pups. 

Longfords/Reynolds’ Park is over the bridge past Mont Clare. The address reflects Phoenixville, but residents often consider it Port Providence. It’s close to the Port Providence Road Park and Fitzwater Station. 

The dog park is split into two sections as well. This park is clear with no trees or shrubs within the park. Compared to Reservoir Park, it’s more crowded on sunny days. 

Take a Trip to Maddie’s Castle 

At, we like to support small, local businesses. Maddie’s Castle embodies everything you get with a small business. The staff loves all pets that visit the store. The boutique focuses on high-quality goods and has competitive prices in comparison to big box stores. 

The owners also support local animal rescues and businesses in the area–often partnering with organizations to continue their mission. 

Consider grabbing a baked good for your pup supplied by another local business–GiggyBites Bakery

Outdoor Dining 

Yes, dogs are allowed to dine with you outdoors! The borough reminds owners to have their dogs leashed and to clean up after them. 

The restaurants are dog friendly–if they have outdoor seating. Some restaurants put an emphasis on our furry friends. Stable 12 Brewing Company has a page dedicated to the dogs visiting the brewery. 

Bistro on Bridge partnered with Maddie’s Castle to bring special treats to customers with a doggy menu!

Parks and Trails 

There are 18 parks around the Phoenixville area. Take advantage of them! If you can’t venture too far from Phoenixville, there’s a section of the Schuylkill River Trail that cuts through downtown. 

Dog-friendly - Phoenixville
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Check out this blog for 5 close parks to take your dog! 

Dog-Friendly Town

If you’re shopping downtown you’ll see the artwork of dogs on Bridge Street. You’ll also find stores that have water bowls, treats, and dog-friendly staff members. Phoenixville is a great town for people who are dog owners! 

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