Here’s Why ‘The Blob’ Is Important to Phoenixville 

The Blob - The Colonial Theatre
The Colonial Theatre –

Every summer, you’ll hear the clamor of feet running from the doors of The Colonial Theatre in downtown Phoenixville. The people dashing from the entrance of the theatre fill Bridge Street with hundreds of sci-fi enthusiasts. Onlookers and participants are in town for the same reason–a yearly dedication to the 1950s film–The Blob.

The reenactment of the famous run-out scene is performed annually at Blobfest. A festival honoring the 1958 film. 

‘The Blob’

An excerpt from IMDB explains the premise of the movie.

An alien lifeform consumes everything in its path as it grows and grows.

Why are residents obsessed with the film? 

The 1950s film has numerous Phoenixville scenes!

The theatre run-out scene features The Colonial Theatre. Hence, the reenactment during Blobfest. 

Barkley Elementary and a home at the corner of South Main and 3rd Avenue are featured in the film too. According to, other parts of the movie were shot at Valley Forge Studios. Although popular scenes were filmed in Phoenixville, there are various Greater Philadelphia towns used as backdrops for the movie.

Towns like Downingtown and Royersford are also home to scenes in The Blob.

Not only is it a riveting sci-fi tale, but it’s also tied to the annual festival. It’s what keeps people coming back every year to celebrate The Blob


Blobfest 2022 is happening July 8-10 throughout the borough. As mentioned above, you can participate in the reenactment of the run-out scene or observe from the street. 

The festival is accompanied by a downtown street fair, multi-length charity runs, a costume contest, and more. The full details of Blobfest can be found on the festival’s site.

Phoenixville History

The Blob is part of Phoenixville’s history. The Colonial Theatre is a focal point on Bridge Street and maintains the integrity of the original structure. 

The cult following of The Blob is fun and unique to Phoenixville. It’s a widely known festival and brings the community together. If you’re interested in more about the history of The Colonial Theatre and The Blob, check out the theatre’s website.

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