This Brewery in the Las Vegas Arts District Is a ‘Blast’

Able Baker Brewing Company - Las Vegas Art District
Able Baker Brewing Company –

It’s not often that you see a giant, inflatable duck on the roof of a bar. Especially, one that is based in the desert. Within the Las Vegas Arts District, you’ll find a nuclear-themed brewery that’s dedicated to the history of Nevada. If you’re visiting Brewery Row, your first stop should be Able Baker Brewing Company

Drinking at the Atomic Duck  

There’s no debating it, the logo is awesome. A duck within an atom makes for a great conversation. According to the brewery’s website, the theme is derived from the atomic bombs that were detonated at the Nevada test site. The 2 test bombs were codenamed “Able” and “Baker.” 

As for the logo, the legend says that the only animal to survive the explosion was a…duck

Now that you get it, let’s talk about the beer. 

Excited State - Able Baker Brewing Company
Excited State – tried the “Excited State,” which is a 5.0% 30 ABU German-style pilsner. It’s a refreshing drink for those who aren’t big craft beer drinkers. 

It’s not a surprise that the Excited State is a knock-out. Last year, Able Baker Brewing Company won a Gold Medal at the World Beer Cup for its Monique, which is in the Belgian-style Abbey Ale category. 

Additionally, if you Googled “Restaurants in the Las Vegas Arts District” you probably came across the “Arts District Kitchen.” It’s the kitchen located inside Able Baker. The 2 collaborated to create a unique experience for guests. 

Much like other Vegas breweries, the open concept makes for a great vibe for those looking to dine inside or out. Just order your food at the counter, and the staff will bring your food to you.

Overall, this brewing company is a must-visit spot within the Las Vegas Arts District.  

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