The Must-Visit Bentonville Restaurant Inside a Historic Church  

The Preacher's Son
The Preacher’s Son –

Rural Bentonville, Arkansas, isn’t known for being a booming metropolis. However, north of Fayetteville lives a town that is famously known for being the home of the world’s most iconic brick-and-mortar brand–Walmart. Although Walmart stores and gas stations are seen throughout the town, it’s also known for being a haven for outdoor recreation. If you’re visiting the Arkansas oasis, you need to visit this downtown Bentonville restaurant. 

The Preacher’s Son

Maybe you’re in need of refueling after a long day of trail trekking. Maybe you’re looking to stop with your family after visiting the Walmart Museum. No matter what your plans are, this restaurant is worth visiting. 

The Preacher’s Son is a fine dining establishment near the small town square of Bentonville. The striking aspect of this restaurant is that it’s in a church.

Yeah, a church

Bentonville Restaurant
Inside the Bentonville Restaurant –

From the outside, it looks like your average church, but the inside has that wow factor for first-time eaters. The website says that the restaurant “…offers unique and sustainably-sourced dinner service in a thoughtfully-restored historic church…”

The high ceilings and architecture of the church make the eating space very unique. When you look in all directions, you see stained glass windows with art to match. 

The center tables are arranged in a spherical shape to accent the well-crafted structure of the building. Even the style of the tables gives off the vibe of Sunday’s finest.

Food and Drinks

This isn’t a burger joint. It’s a fine dining experience. The chef recommends ordering courses to pace your meal across a larger party. 

Menu – ordered a pistachio old-fashioned. There were pistachios in the ice! It was smooth and not heavy on the pistachio flavor. On top of the whiskey, the Rigatoni was balanced and tasty. 

Overall, the experience was wonderful, and this Bentonville restaurant did not disappoint! 

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