The 2023 Guide To Outdoor Dining in Phoenixville

Outdoor Dining in Phoenixvlle
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As the weather gets warmer, you might be considering restaurants that provide outdoor dining. Over the past 3 years, the Phoenixville Borough closed Bridge Street to provide a safer option to dine and keep businesses open. With the streets open, here’s your guide to the restaurants that have outdoor dining accommodations. 

The TBD Bar

This new bar opened in December of 2022 after the closing of Uncle B’s BBQ. Owned by Root Down Brewing Company, the outdoor beer garden presents a huge venue for food, live music, and beer. There’s also ample seating along the outside of the building itself, looking over Bridge Street. 

Paloma’s Restaurant and Market

If you’re looking for a modern European spot, this is your restaurant. The vibes are immaculate. You can dine in the courtyard of the restaurant, which is located within one of Phoenixville’s oldest downtown buildings. 

Bistro on Bridge 

This bistro is one of the most popular places in Phoenixville. The outdoor dining is along the sidewalk and on the street during the summer months. The building also has front windows that are open for customers looking to eat indoors. The upstairs ceiling opens as well–giving customers an open-air environment with tables and bar-top views of Bridge Street. 

Great American Pub 

GAP has a large area for outdoor dining. You can dine at private covered tables or open high-top tables. You can also sit at the outdoor bar if you prefer to have bar seating. It’s common to find live music throughout the evenings. 

Sage Mediterranean Cuisine

If you’re looking for Middle Eastern fine dining–this restaurant is it. Along with 20 years of experience in Middle Eastern dishes, the restaurant also allows for a BYOB experience. During the summer months when the streets are closed, you’ll be able to eat outside in the street. 

Fitzwater Station

Word on the street is that Fitzwater Station has the best BBQ. This spot is made for outdoor dining. With views of the canal, kayak rentals, and tons of opening seating, this might be the hidden gem of Southeast PA.

Black Lab Bistro

Black Lab Bistro is synonymous with brunch but also offers comfort food of all kinds. There is limited seating out front of the entrance along the wall. You’ll find more seating during the open-air dining closure. 

Stable 12 Brewery 

This brewery has a large venue for outside dining, which is located on the west side of Bridge Street. The outside area has a small stage with picnic tables for bigger parties. You can also bring your dog and tag the Stable 12 Puparazzi Instagram page. 

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Avlos Greek Cuisine 

Just as the name says, this is a fine dining experience featuring Greek food. This is a perfect date spot for summer evenings. The outdoor seating will increase during Phoenixville’s open-air dining initiative. 

Chikara Sushi & Asian Fusion 

Since this business is located on the east side of Bridge Street, seating for outdoor dining is limited. However, it is available in the summer months. 

Tai Me Up 

This spot sits just outside the barriers of the street closure on the west side of Bridge Street. Relative to downtown, it’s right on the corner of Bridge and Gay Street. There are tables for outdoor dining along the sides of the building. 

La Patrona   

If you haven’t been to La Patrona yet–you need to go. It’s an authentic Mexican food experience that you can’t get from a chain restaurant. You can dine outside around the covered porch. 

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Ryan’s Pub 

This Irish pub is located on Bridge Street and gets the benefit of the street closure. There’s outdoor table seating and windows that open for seating just inside the pub. 

Molly Maguire’s Irish Restaurant & Pub 

Molly Maguire’s is a multi-leveled pub with seating outside on the ground level. On the second level, you’ll see a rooftop that overlooks the north side of Phoenixville. 

Rec Room 

What’s better than gaming and beer? Rec Room by Conshohocken Brewing Company has an open entrance concept that attracts foot traffic from the street. People choosing to dine here will find seating inside the entrance with plenty of fresh air. Rec room is across from the Colonial Theater and also has extra seating during Phoenixville’s open-air dining closure.   

Sedona Taphouse 

This might be the most notable restaurant for visitors coming from the east side of the Bridge Street area. You’re going to see a large patio with an outside bar and seating for all types of parties. Sedona also has standing heaters and small fire pits to keep customers warm during the cooler nights. It’s best to make reservations ahead of time since this restaurant is popular for outdoor dining. 

Sedona Patio

Iron Hill Brewery & Restaurant 

Iron Hill can be seen directly across from Sedona Taphouse and offers another corner area for dining. You can dine alongside the windows of the brewery or a couple of steps below on the street level.  

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The Foodery

The Foodery is a different type of experience because it comes in the form of on-site takeout. You can buy a beer, order from the deli, and eat on the deck. This isn’t a typical dining experience, but it will give you a chance to eat outside. 

The Foodery Phoenixville –

Nudy’s Cafe 

If you’re looking for breakfast, Nudy’s is a popular spot. Next to the main entrance of Nudy’s Cafe is a fenced area for dining outside. 

Steel City Coffeehouse & Brewery 

This coffeehouse is located at the corner of Main and Bridge Street. It’s a unique place to drink coffee, listen to music, and grab something to eat. Steel city has a bunch of tables at the entrance to enjoy the weather and enjoy your coffee. 

Van Horn’s

This American contemporary cuisine restaurant will provide you with the comfort food you need! The patio is discreet and tucked behind the building–away from the hustle and bustle of Bridge Street.

Mont Clare Deli

After Mont Clare Deli opened in early 2022, the Route 29 business quickly became a hot commodity. Recently, the deli rebranded its outside eating space to pay homage to the old resident. Meet the Eagle’s Nest Beer Garden.

Lock 29 

Lock 29 is a newer restaurant located before Phoenixville, in Mont Clare, which greets visitors before they travel over the bridge into the downtown area. I think everyone is excited to experience its Schuylkill Canal view. 

Support local 

Support small businesses and choose to dine with friends and family at one of these amazing restaurants. You can also learn more about Phoenixville by checking out related blogs below. 

All images are posted from the businesses’ Instagram feeds and official websites. If restaurant suggestions contain no images, they were not found online in the process of writing this blog. If you are providing outdoor seating, please email for a feature.

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