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The Steel City Art Gallery: Supporting Phoenixville Artists

Phoenixville Art
Steel City Art Gallery – | Taken Summer 2022

If you’re drinking a coffee and enjoying the ambiance of Steel City Coffeehouse and Brewery, take moment to raise your head from your laptop and check out the art along the wall. The art gallery at the coffee shop complements the existing aesthetic. We know Steel City to be a haven for aspiring musicians, but it also brings together artists in a unique collaboration. 

Artists of Phoenixville 

If you are unaware of how ingrained art is in the town of Phoenixville, read this blog. Essentially, there is a group dedicated to empowering local artists. On top of creating buzz around art, there is a magazine that is beautifully crafted and released several times a year called the Phoenixville Art Mag (PXV Art Mag). 

You can see more of the PXV Art Mag on Instagram.

For each issue of the magazine, Steel City and Artists of Phoenixville host a reception to promote local artists. In addition to the reception, the coffee shop has regular art galleries where artwork is displayed based on the theme. Artists are able to apply for the shows through the Artists of Phoenixville website

According to the site, the group shows consist of up to 9 artists and display for 2 months. Artists are able to sell their work–if they choose–and no commission is taken by Artists of Phoenixville or Steel City. 

Phoenixville Artists are supported in a variety of ways in this town and if you want to apply for a spot in a show, navigate to

You can find other work from within Phoenixville small businesses like restaurants and stores. Shout out to all of the businesses supporting Phoenixville artists.

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