Stable 12 Celebrates 8th Anniversary

Stable 12 Brewing Company 8th Anniversary

Around the bend on the west side of Bridge Street is a quaint and inviting brewery. The white structure adjacent to the borough building is branded with the equestrian logo of Stable 12, which complements its owners’ roots and alma mater. Lifelong friends and co-owners Rick Wolf and Chris Carbutt opened their brewery in 2015 and are celebrating 8 years in business. 

From Barn to Brewery 

According to their site, the duo started brewing beer as a hobby after college. Wolf grew up on his family’s horse farm, so finding a vacant barn to start brewing came naturally. As the two outgrew their humble beginnings, they moved to the location on Bridge Street in Phoenixville. 

The warm and inviting atmosphere makes Stable 12 feel like home. You can feel the roots of the owners embedded into the building. Look around and you’ll see the wooden walls and pillars–matching the aesthetics of a stable. 

Wolf and Carbutt attended Penn State University. The colors of dear old state accent their logo and fuel the creativity in their coveted “We Are” beer. 

From the farm to Bridge Street, the brewery is celebrating its 8th anniversary. 

8th Anniversary Celebration 

The 8th-anniversary celebration is this weekend: May 5-7. There will be 3 barrel-aged beers available on Saturday, May 6. There is a limited supply, so you’ll want to get there at noon to get your bottles. 

Here are the limited releases. 

Along with the beer release, you can also feast on meal specials throughout the weekend. All of the options were announced on Instagram. 

For all other information about the celebration, head over and follow Stable 12 Brewing Company on all social media platforms. Need other information and directions? Visit

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