Content Creation Reached 75,000 Pageviews 


People have been blogging since the inception of the internet, which makes blogging in 2023 a difficult task. With ChatGPT to assist writers, there’s more written content than ever before. The only aspect of blogging that separates you from the content crowd is your voice. With, I’m slowly creating a following that continues to motivate me, and it’s exciting to see my blog reach 75,000 pageviews.

Hitting 75,000 Pageviews

For those who haven’t operated a website, let’s talk about visitors vs. pageviews. Visitors are the people who land on your website and viewed one page. That visitor may be using a tablet, phone, or laptop in their house and still considered one person.

A pageview is when that visitor checks out multiple pages on your site. They take more actions on your site than clicking on one landing page. 

As of April 30, 2023, reached 75,000 pageviews and 55,000 unique visitors. That means since launching on January 14, 2022, 55,000 people visited my site and enough of them were interested in reading other content. 

75,000 website pageviews
Google Analytics of

This screenshot shows the entirety of my site’s analytics, but if you break down recent months you’ll see the loyal audience members. 

5% increase in returning visitors, grpahic
Google Analytics of

From February to March, there was almost a 5% increase in returning visitors. Even though the percentage isn’t huge, it shows that people are coming back for more. That’s the goal of my blog. 

I didn’t set out to create this site as a second income. I wanted to build a brand that readers go to for places to eat, visit, and see what makes them unique. It’s a passion project. 

It definitely doesn’t pay the bills. Hell, I think I averaged $5.00 a month in digital ads in 2022. Plus, that revenue went right back into paying for hosting and upgrading the site. 

I focus on 2 channels for promoting my blog–Facebook and Instagram. While I work on SEO, which is starting to build organic traffic, I post my blogs on social media. 

If I haven’t published a blog, I’ll post pictures or stories to keep followers engaged. I want people to always see “” in their feeds. 

Every now and then, I’ll get an email with a story idea from a random follower. It’s amazing to see that someone values my brand enough to recommend a story. It reminds me of the days when I worked on the assignment desk at a news station. 

The recent milestone gives me another reason to keep pushing out blogs. Those are the people I built this blog for. They keep me motivated. 

You can support my blog by buying me a coffee, or simply visiting the site. A pageview means more than you know!