Sly Fox Features Phoenixville Record Store in Beer Promo 

Helles Golden Lager - Record Store Promo
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There are thousands of advertisements thrown at us every year. From billboards to streaming services, we are engulfed with local and national marketing. The onslaught of commercials can often make our eyes glaze over (or roll). However, there are specific marketing tactics that just work, especially this one featuring a Phoenixville record store.

Sly Fox “How Do You Helles?” Ep. 2: At the Record Shop

This month, Sly Fox Brewing Company released a new promotional video for its series “How Do You Helles?” The promos connect viewers to a familiar feeling–coming home from work and enjoying a beer. 

Even if you’re not a beer drinker, you might relax with a glass of wine, kombucha, sparkling water, or soda. Whatever you’re into, you know the feeling of decompressing after a long day. 

Sly Fox’s marketing video promotes its Helles Golden Lager, a German-style beer. In this video, we follow the owner of Forever Changes, Shawn Cephas, during his day from opening to closing his Phoenixville record store. 

The simplicity of the video is something we can all relate to. Additionally, the video shines a light on small business and their owners. It’s clear that Sly Fox targets the common man and prides itself on supporting the community. 

Sly Fox Brewing Company is based in Montgomery county and started as a brewhouse and eatery in Phoenixville in 1995. Today, it distributes its beer to 7 states and serves customers with its local breweries in 6 locations across Pennsylvania. 

Learn more about the timeline of Sly Fox on its website under “Our History.” 

See the promotion video below and follow @slyfoxbeer on Instagram! 

Visit Forever Changes in downtown Phoenixville at 28 S. Main Street. Read about record store owner Shawn Cephas’ history and expertise in the vinyl industry on his shop’s about page

Support small businesses by choosing to shop locally in Phoenixville and beyond. 

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