The Benefits of Using Buy Me a Coffee

Buy Me a Coffee Logo – Courtesy creator graphics

Creating content is easy these days, but getting paid for creating content isn’t always a walk in the park. There are millions of people uploading YouTube videos, posting food pics on Instagram, and blogging across the web. The ability to separate yourself from your fellow creators is by forming a niche audience. Your audience is the key to making money in the crowded online space, and by using Buy Me a Coffee you can earn more. 

What Is Buy Me a Coffee? is a simple way to get tips from your audience. The site acts as a portal for you to receive donations from people who support your work. For example, if you’re a blogger who provides resources to an appreciative audience, you can ask your readers to support you by tipping your Buy Me a Coffee link. 

The Benefits of Buy Me a Coffee

As a content creator, if you want to get paid without the complexity of other services–BMC is the way to go. Here are the benefits of choosing Buy Me a Coffee. 

Buy Me a Coffee

Custom Landing Page

You can be as creative as you want or leave it basic. The design tool assists people of all technical levels. 

Easy Payment System

MC has a partnership with Stripe. Stripe is a payment service that manages payouts for financial institutions. It’s easy for creators to get paid instantly for their work. 


The brand itself is an easier tool for your audience to understand. Asking someone to buy you a coffee for your work is easier than soliciting donations. Not to mention, the BMC team created downloadable graphics, buttons, QR codes, and widgets that you can use across your content pages.

Supporter Options

You can set up your “tip jar” for simple support. You can also enable memberships and add extra to your creator portal. Depending on what you offer, you have multiple options to deliver the best experience to your closest supporters. 

Fast Communication

The creator portal allows you to fire off quick updates to your existing supporters. By updating your audience, you allow them to feel more connected to your content experience. 

Overall, the site is by far the easiest content-creator tool to use. If you are seeking simplicity and an approachable brand, Buy Me a Coffee is a fantastic choice. 

Also, if you want to get a couple of extra dollars you can use their referral program. If you invite users to join BMC, you’ll get a coffee when they receive their first donation. 

Ready to get started on Buy Me a Coffee? Use my referral link, or click the button below, to sign up and get paid by your audience. Note: This is an affiliate link that benefits under the BMC invite program.