Rep Your Town With This New Phoenixville Merch Store

Jordan Moran of Kelmora Designs

Nothing beats a fresh tee from your favorite vacation spot–but what about your hometown? If you love being a part of the community, repping where you live is easy. For Phoenixville resident Jordan Moran, her creative passion sparked her entrepreneurial spirit. On April 1, 2023, she launched Kelmora Designs, an online Phoenixville merch store dedicated to stylin’ around the ‘Ville. 

Kelmora Designs

Moran grew up outside of Baltimore where she pursued art throughout her youth. At a young age, she learned how to make jewelry, which eventually turned into a small business. As she grew older, she moved to Phoenixville and made the town her home. 

In 2019, Moran moved to Phoenixville with her husband and quickly fell in love. Despite the global pandemic and a stretch of uncertainty, she pushed through by learning everything about business and marketing. As she wraps up her master’s degree at John Hopkins University, she decided to build a business dedicated to the place she calls home. 

Kelmora was created in March of 2023 to celebrate Phoenixville and beyond. Moran saw a need and desire–people wanting to celebrate Phoenixville and all that it encompasses. 

Phoenixville Merch
Phoenixville Merch – Courtesy Kelmora Designs

“I want to provide positive clothing, accessories, and housewares to support the town. I want to make sporting Phoenixville clothes fun! I’m focusing on quality goods that will make people happy with their purchases. I design and make almost everything by hand.”

“Our community has a strong foundation of people who care about its success and the people and businesses within it. It should be celebrated because I don’t think most communities have it. That’s why I wanted to do this. Hopefully, I can help other neighboring communities celebrate their towns too.”

She’s already on the path to helping other businesses with their designs as well. You can find Moran’s Phoenixville Merch store online at

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