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Don’t Miss Record Store Day 2023! The International Ode To Vinyl 

Record Store Day
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In 2008, a day was created to honor physical music. The music holiday–notably known as Record Store Day–was developed to celebrate and support the culture of independently owned record stores. The annual event brings people together who are passionate about music. 

So, why celebrate it locally?

It’s a chance to discover new artists, connect with fellow music fans, and of course–enjoy good music!

What’s not to love about it?! Especially, since vinyl has seen a resurgence in recent years–it makes it easier to spread the word. 

As for those living in southeastern Pennsylvania, you have a town focused on its music culture.

Phoenixville isn’t limited to beautiful murals, art studios, and craft breweries. The ever-changing nightlife scene is also home to many talented local musicians. 

Not to mention, the borough has 2 independent record stores, which makes for an easy way to grab your favorite music. 

Record store owners often have a history within their store. Just look at the owner of Forever Changes, Shawn Cephas, who continues his father’s legacy through his store. It’s the people behind the vinyl that make the day unique. 

How can you celebrate? Well, 2 events happening locally in Phoenixville, and it’s your chance to vibe with other music fans. 

Bistro on Bridge Record Store Day Celebration Vol. 2

This year, Bistro is partnering with The Record Shop. Vol. 1 featured Pville’s other record store Forever Changes. Returning to Bistro is Vintage Vinyl and Vines. Check out the event page for all the details. 

Forever Changes BYOV Brunch

BYOV (Bring Your Own Vinyl) is a recurring event at Sly Fox in Phoenixville. The event is hosted by DJ AJ Santini and Forever Changes every 1st and 3rd Thursday of the month. April’s event will be hosted on RSD with a brunch to accommodate thirsty and hungry listeners. Here are the full promotional details. 

This year, Record Store Day occurs on April 22. You can check your local listings to see what independent stores are participating in the event on the RSD website.

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