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It’s been over 2 years since life flipped upside down. During the height of the pandemic, we learned about the struggles small businesses endured. We learned about the families and business owners that were affected. We saw businesses adapt, and we saw businesses close. It was an unprecedented time to be a small business owner. Thankfully, we seem to have the virus in the review mirror and can function normally again. 

Before the shutdown, we also took for granted how fast and easy it was to buy and have our goods in stock. Due to the ongoing global supply chain issues, things are still difficult to obtain. Even our small businesses are feeling the impacts of rising inflation and the supply chain domino effect. 

So what can you do to support small businesses?

Shop Local

The feeling of walking into a small boutique is unique compared to a large store. The service you receive at small businesses is inviting, and the employees will help you steer clear of the headaches at big box stores. Not to mention–these stores are right in your backyard so there’s little travel involved.

Opt For Neighborhood Cuisine

The most common way to choose local food is by ordering pizza. We’re all used to choosing our favorite pizza in town and dialing up for a large pie with our friends on a Friday night. Yet, there are so many ways to rewire your brain to pick up other meals too. Need a coffee? Stay away from Dunkin’ and wait 10 extra minutes at your corner coffee shop. Need a 5:00 p.m. happy hour drink? Try out a new brewery down the street. No matter what you’re craving, spend time researching what’s around your community.

Call Local Home Services

It’s 3:00 a.m. and your sink started blasting your kitchen walls like a fire hose. Check your local listings by leveraging Google’s location-based service by searching “local plumbers near me.” Avoid ads from the large spenders trying to convince you to use their services. The smaller businesses have tighter budgets to perform competitive campaigns. You’ll be doing a good thing by choosing a local contractor.

Be Patient

Certain industries are being affected by supply chain issues more than others. If you’re choosing a local business, be cognizant of the global economic impacts and how they can affect inventory.

Leave Quality Reviews

As mentioned earlier, bigger businesses have the revenue to squash their competition on search results. A way to fight back against search algorithms is to leave honest feedback on their “Google My Business” page. You can find the GMB page on the right panel on desktop browsers and displayed in the location listings on mobile.

Support Small Businesses

The people who make up small businesses are our neighbors, friends, and family members. By supporting them, you are supporting the local economy around you. To find more information about your local small businesses, check out your city and borough websites. 

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