How to Shop Local Before You Travel 

Shop Local - Phoenixville
Downtown Phoenixville –

The sun is shining, the Airbnb is booked, and your kids are bouncing off the walls. The family vacation is here. You’re ready to embark on an 8-hour trip in your SUV–jam-packed with luggage and the smell of sunscreen. Whether you’re going to the mountains or the beach, you’re probably packing all your favorite things to accompany you on your stay. Before you drive to the nearest big box store, consider small businesses and shop local. 

Take Out Beer 

Booze is most likely essential to all vacation itineraries. Maybe you’re a seltzer person. Maybe you’re an IPA person. Nonetheless, local breweries offer takeout beer. You’re contributing to the local food scene by saying no to the national brands. 

Granted, if you’re traveling on a budget, the common brands make sense for your dollar. If you can, try a new 4-pack or 6-pack from a local brewery. 

Super Mash Bros - Stable 12 Brewing Company
Super Mash Brothers, Stable 12 –

Treat Your Pets

If you’re one of those people who take their animals with them on vacation, treat them to a new snack from your local pet stores. There are smaller boutiques that specialize in healthy, high-quality food. Why not treat your dog on vacation too?

Biscuits from Maddie's Castle
Biscuits bought at Maddie’s Castle –

Read a New Book 

If you’re relaxing on the sand or in a hammock in the woods, you can get a little R&R from entrenching yourself in a new book. Imagine how much you can learn and discover from a couple of hours of reading on vacation. Local book stores are always up against national sellers and by choosing a small business you’re helping out passionate owners. 

The Song of Achilles - Reads and Company
The Song of Achilles by Madeline Miller (Philly Native) and bought at Reads & Company –

Get a New Vacation Look 

Need a new hat or sundress for your vacation? Local boutiques are a great way to get trendy looks from independent designers. Maybe you can also think about a branded tee of your favorite local spot. Show off your local merch–maybe you’ll be able to spark a conversation about it! 

Shop Local Before You Travel

If you’re considering grabbing a coffee at one of the large franchises, reconsider your morning brew. You might want to spend an extra 10 minutes waiting at one of the local coffee shops to get your jumpstart. There are probably 100 ways to opt for local options. Why not take the time to shop local? 

Hopefully, your next beach pic is a local beer in the sand!

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