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The Phoenixville Punk Rock Flea Market–Rocks! 

Phoenixville Punk Rock Flea Market
PXV Punk Rock Flea Market –

The music scene in Phoenixville is alive and thriving. From the record stores to the music venues, the ex-steel town brings an underground feeling to the Route 422 area. There’s no shortage of ways to enjoy music, especially at the Phoenixville Punk Rock Flea Market. 

Phoenixville Punk Rock Flea Market 

It’s hard-pressed to find a place as lively as the last Sunday of every month at Root Down Brewing Company. Within the graffiti-themed walls of the brewery’s backroom, music enthusiasts congregate for an afternoon of vinyl and beer. 

Check out this short clip of the rockin’ atmosphere inside Root Down!

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From the outside, the brick walls and rustic exterior of Root Down Brewing Company disguise the Phoenixville Punk Rock Flea Market. However, inside the building is a bustling crowd of vinyl shoppers. 

When you enter the building, you’re quickly acclimated to the sound of vinyl records. The DJs spin tunes from the booth in the middle of the brewery. 

Past the bar and dining area is where the open flea market lives. You’ll find vendors wall-to-wall that feature new and old vinyl. You might find vintage band t-shirts and stickers too. Each vendor has its own style of merchandise.

As you get lost in the bins of records, you might as well try a new beer. It’s in a brewery–of course. 

It’s a unique event in Phoenixville, which provides another opportunity to unite music enthusiasts. It’s also a popular event running from 1:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m. on the last Sunday of every month

If you haven’t been to the Phoenixville Punk Rock Market, check it out! 

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