Immerse Yourself in Sound With This Small Business Helping You Manage Stress and Wellness

Sound immersion Jen Who Plays the gong
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There are tons of ways to reduce your stress levels like yoga, meditation, and self-guided breathing. However, did you know that sound plays an important role in your health and wellness? Sound immersion can help even the most stressed-out individuals clear their minds. Jen Ryan of Jen Who Plays the Gong knows how to connect you with healing sounds. 

Jen Who Plays the Gong

As straightforward as Jen’s business name is, it perfectly explains how she connects individuals to sound. Using a gong, she bridges people to the iconic humming sound that can physically, mentally, and spiritually help you. 

Her life has always been dedicated to caring for others. She spent time on the front lines as a nurse and within a studio as a Yoga instructor. Her website states that “…sound has magnified her reality and aligned her connection through body, mind, and soul to Spirit. It is this reason she shares Sound for a living; to give this opportunity for all who are open to harness it…”

On her Instagram, you can find her sharing snippets of sound immersion with her audience. Sound immersion is a transformative experience that has reported benefits of mental clarity, calmness, improved sleep patterns (falling or staying asleep), acute pain, stress load reduction, and more. 

Through sound, she hosts events to immerse others. You can find her leading meditation and sound immersion sessions around the Greater Philadelphia area. On top of her public events, she also hosts private immersion parties for friends, families, and employees. 

Jen is immersed in her passion. Other than the gong, she creates ambient sounds through other instruments. Handpans, crystal pyramids, crystal bowls, chimes, sea and medicine drums, and rattles are just a few of the tools Jen uses to create calming sounds for the body and soul. 

If you’re interested in Jen’s work you can visit her on Instagram and Facebook. For more information about her small business, you can read more on

For all upcoming events visit her event page

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