Passionate Floral Designer Opens Flower Shop in Spring City 

Spring City Flower Shop
Storefront – Courtesy Wild Blooms

There’s a particular charm to a local flower shop. With a ring of a bell and a step into a boutique, you can see the meticulous details of a small business owner–one who specializes in having a green thumb. Floral designers spend years learning how to grow, maintain, and blend their skills into beautiful displays. With years of education and tenacity, Jennifer Topper’s vision came to life on Main Street in Spring City, Pennsylvania.

The Early Years 

Jennifer Topper always knew she wanted to work in horticulture. As a kid, her favorite time of the year was planting Zinnias with her mother. The memories from her childhood carried into her adult life when she decided to pursue a career. 

Topper earned a bachelor’s degree in horticulture from Temple’s Ambler Campus. During her time on campus, she worked part-time at the arboretum and greenhouse. The experience was invaluable.

The dream of starting a flower shop stemmed (pun intended) from her first floral design course. The course taught her how to choose plants in different growth stages and create art from the various branches, leaves, and flowers. 

Upon graduating, she started her career at an organic vegetable CSA. Topper also supplemented her experience by working at the Ambler Flower Shop

After a short stint of owning a vegetable and cut flower farm, she went back to managing a flower shop for 4 years–before arriving in Spring City. 

Wild Blooms Flowers & Gifts

Topper spent months walking past the vacant space at 75 N. Main Street with the vision of a flower shop. All she needed was preparation and support. After numerous phone calls, research, and a business plan, Wild Blooms Flowers and Gifts began. 

Centerpiece – Courtesy Wild Blooms

A few weeks before Christmas 2022, the shop opened. She received support from other shops in the area. Topper’s cooler is from Veronica’s Flower Shop, and the furniture and display pieces were gifted from Primrose Extraordinary Florists

Topper wants to bridge the gap with the aging floral industry. Her goals are to provide local giftware, art, and support for other flower shops. 

The shop will provide custom arrangements for celebrations, weddings, funerals, and other events. 

Floral Workshop – Courtesy Wild Blooms

The shop will host workshops to engage members of the community. The workshops are a great way to meet neighbors, learn something new, and take home a creation. The next workshop is on February 2 at 6:30 p.m. and updates will be announced on Facebook and Instagram. 

“The shop and my job will always be about helping the customer channel whatever kind of emotion or expression they want to make into just the right design or mix of flowers so that they feel confident in conveying that message.”

Jennifer Topper, Wild Blooms Flowers & Gifts

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