Here’s Why You Need to Attend a Local Greek Festival

Greek Festival

Every year across the nation, you’ll see signs for Greek festivals in your town. The signs might have phrases like “Yasou!” and “Opa!” written in bold letters. Those Greek phrases are typically shouted during a night of celebration and dancing. Greeks know how to party and your summer won’t be complete until you attend a Greek festival. 


Most of these festivals are held on the grounds of a Greek Orthodox Church. According to, the festivals are not held during Lent and Easter, so naturally, the celebrations land in the following months. 

At the event, you can expect tons of cultural experiences like music, dancing, and food. Traditional Greek food is always served. You might be familiar with gyros, but you can take this opportunity to try something new. 

Since this is usually an outdoor festival, street food is the easiest way to grab a bite and walk around. Give Souvlaki a try, which is grilled meat or vegetable on a skewer. If you’re really hungry, you can try something like my favorite–Pastistio. Sink your teeth into a mouth-watering baked pasta that uses a thicker noodle called Greek bucatini.

For those over 21, you can find something to drink. There are wines made in specific parts of Greece. For instance, Assyrtiko is a white grape that originated in Santorini and is found in sweet white wines around Greece. 

Ouzo is another popular traditional drink in Greece. The black licorice-flavored liquor was created on the island of Lesvos and is often depicted in films. Ouzo is the national drink of Greece and is paired with appetizers–or what Greeks call “Meze.” 

Ouzo scene from My Big Fat Greek Wedding

Going to a Greek festival is an authentic experience that only happens once a year. It’s worth the trip and supports local Greek organizations. If you’re looking to head out to an event, has a list of Greek festivals happening around the United States. 

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