Dine Like a Greek God at This Paros Restaurant

Dionysos - Paros Restaurant in Parikia, Greece
Dionysos Restaurant –

The easy part about traveling to Greece is booking the accommodations. The hard part is choosing where to eat. It always depends on where you’re visiting, but you’re guaranteed to stumble into a restaurant with excellent chefs. If you’re traveling to the quaint town of Parikia, consider feasting like a Greek god at this Paros restaurant.


Like the Greek god of wine, this restaurant in Parikia, Paros, is fit for an immortal being. For the mortals, it’s a way for us to experience island cuisine in an inviting atmosphere.

Tucked between the boutique shops and cobblestone streets of Parikia is a restaurant called Dionysos. Walking into Dionysos, you’re greeted with whitewashed walls and flowering trees that are intertwined with the restaurant’s garden structure. Much like the landscape of Paros, the restaurant takes its form.

If you’re visiting from America, it’s essential to know that Greeks dine rather late. The featured picture was taken around 7:00 p.m., and we were the only ones in the restaurant. Nonetheless, the staff was friendly and helpful with recommendations.

The islands of Greece are known for fish for obvious reasons. The menu at this Paros restaurant has a wide variety of fresh fish to offer. 

Θα ήθελα το φιλέτο τόνου.

This picture shows a tuna fillet with greens. The dish was complemented by the restaurant’s staple drink—the Dionysos.

To finish the meal, we ordered an orange pie paired with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. 

Orange Pie with Vanilla Ice Cream –

For those looking to eat at a Paros restaurant, Dionysos is your picture-esque solution to your Greek island cravings. 

Γεια Μας!

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