Coming This Spring: Acai Bowls on Bridge Street  

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It feels like every week there’s an announcement for a new food place on Bridge Street in Phoenixville. Phoenixville is slowly becoming a foodie’s heaven, and it’s not stopping anytime soon. The latest PSA is from a franchise bringing Acai bowls to the downtown area in Spring 2023. 

Phoenixville Rush Bowls 

If you don’t know what Acai bowls are, they’re basically a thick smoothie served in a bowl like ice cream. People rave over Acai bowls because they consist of healthier ingredients like fruit, grains, and yogurt. Just like any trendy food, there are businesses and people whipping up unique concoctions–like Rush Bowls.

By the way, Acai is pronounced like this: Aa-saa-ee. Not Ah-kai. With that said, you’re now an expert at understanding the healthy alternative. 

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Coming to Phoenixville in the spring of 2023 is a franchise dedicated to Acai called Rush Bowls. Rush is a national franchise that is quickly expanding into new cities. The announcement came this week from the local franchise stating that the Phoenixville location will open at 222 Bridge Street

Phoenixville Rush Bowls updates can be found on Instagram @rushbowls_phoenixville

To prepare for your first Acai bite, check out the flavors on the current menu online at For health-conscious folks, this could be your go-to snack for your sweet craving. For those who never had an Acai bowl, you’re about to open up your taste buds to a new experience. 

Rush Bowls 

222 Bridge Street, Phoenixville, PA

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