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Phoenixville Plant Shop
Perch Plants –

Have you ever considered being a plant parent? You know, the person that nurtures dozens–if not–hundreds of succulents around your house. Today, it’s never been easier to become an at-home botanist–even if you swear you don’t have a green thumb. For Greater Philadelphia residents, you can turn your home into a nursery with this new Phoenixville plant shop. 

Perch Plants & Odds & Ends 

The opening of Perch Plants sparked excitement across the town. It’s not often that a new business opens that isn’t a brewery or a restaurant. 

Although Phoenixville has turned itself into a dining destination, it’s nice to walk the streets and visit other small businesses. In July, Perch took over the vacant location at 322 Bridge Street. stopped in to welcome the business to the area. 

As you can see in the video, the plant shop has tons of greenery to spruce up your home. From succulents to socks, the merchandise packs the room with pleasant vibes. 

The best part about this store is that it’s focused on indoor plants. Pick up a snake plant for your living room or liven up your desk with tiny succulents. Not to mention, indoor plants don’t need consistent care. The hardy nature of these plants give them the ability to live without a lot of water. 

Different types of indoor plants include pothos, snake plants, peace lilies, orchids, and more. Remember that each plant has its own specific care requirements. However, the little touch of nature does wonders for your home. 

Just take a look at this tiny cactus! 

Cactus from Perch Plants

Head down to Perch Plants and start your new hobby. It’s not as difficult as you think. Meanwhile, follow Perch to stay updated on social media @perchplants.

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