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Petition Started to Save Upper Providence Farm Land From Development 

Upper Providence Township Farm Land
Parkhouse Farm Land –

Residents across social media are voicing their opinions on the proposed land development at 1600 Black Rock Road in Upper Providence, Montgomery County. The area is commonly known as Parkhouse Farm and contains about 180 acres of open land. The local residents started a petition on to raise awareness of the issues. 

Parkhouse Farm Development

According to a non-partisan grassroots organization Remember Parkhouse the open space was sold in 2013. Over the last 10 years, numerous proposals have been presented to Upper Providence Township. For a full timeline, you can visit Remember Parkhouse’s website

Citing Remember Parkhouse the most recent proposal on December 7 contains the following: 

  • 153 Single-Family Homes
  • 177 Townhouses
  • 144 “Multi-Family Housing” units, which are contained in 14 smaller apartment buildings with either 10 or 12 units contained in each
  • 684 Apartment units contained in 12 separate buildings
  • 45 Assisted living units in one building

Residents began a petition opposing the development due to a variety of reasons. The petition states 6 main concerns: 

  • Zoning Codes
  • Population Increase
  • Taxpayer costs 
  • Flooding
  • Worcester Decision, which is referencing Center Square Golf Course in Worcester
  • Endangered species, specifically the monarch butterfly 

The petition is making its rounds and shared on community Facebook pages. A Facebook Group created by Remember Parkhouse (Save Parkhouse Farm) furthers its mission to save the area around 1600 Black Rock Road. 

If you’re interested in reading more about the petition visit the link here.

The Upper Providence Township website provides a calendar containing upcoming planning commission meetings and other community matters. 

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