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How to Increase Blog Traffic Using Reddit

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Reddit is one of the toughest social platforms to promote content. It doesn’t matter what type of content creator you are — Reddit hates self-promotion. The true test of good content is when you organically get posted to a subreddit. So why is it difficult to market on Reddit? Let’s start with the basics.

Reddit is an online forum with 100,000 communities and over 430 million active users. It’s safe to say it’s a gold mine for acquisition. However, this isn’t Facebook or Instagram.

Reddit Basics

The niche communities are branded as subreddits and the users are called Redditors. Whatever you’re trying to promote, these communities have guidelines. There isn’t a system of hashtagging like the other popular platforms. A subreddit is meant to be a forum for one topic. An example is r/Blogging.

Each subreddit has a set of guidelines. In this example, r/Blogging specifically says no self-promotion in rule number 2.

2. Self promotion & vague articles are not allowed. If linking an article about blogging, include a summary of key points or salient quote in the body of your post so readers know what they’re clicking on and to prompt discussion. Non conformance will lead to removal of post without notice.


Dropping a link on the subreddit would immediately be removed by a moderator.

If you happen to sneak your link past the moderating team, somebody will probably call you out. Redditors are quick when it comes to identifying self-promotion. Redditor acumen is what makes a subreddit’s discussion thread extremely valuable.

Yet, all this discussion can’t be without citations or thought-provoking candor. So how do you contribute to the conversation and add value? Here’s how you can drive traffic to your blog on Reddit.

Driving Traffic to Your Blog

By no means am I an expert on Reddit, and I don’t believe anyone is either. The tips I am providing are based on my traffic and contribution. The key to contributing to any subreddit is to provide value.

Real value—not promotion.

Here’s a screenshot of my traffic. As you can see, the biggest portion of my sessions comes from Facebook. I have a bigger presence on Facebook, and the content I write about is most influential within groups. The yellow section represents Reddit. 4.5% of my traffic is coming from Reddit in the last 60 days.

Social sessions —

So how do I increase blog traffic using Reddit?

Add Value To Posts

I am active in r/Blogging because I want to help others. I don’t insert my links anywhere on that subreddit. My user flair has my website, but there’s nothing I do to promote my site.

I’d rather help people with their current issues than shove a link in their faces. This method can help you with any topic.

If you have a niche about cars, for example, the Ford Mustang — become a member of r/mustang. The more you build a reputation as an avid contributor, the more people trust you and want to check out what else you’re doing.

Only Drop Links When It’s Relevant

People do not care if you drop a link into the comments without any context. Explain why you’re dropping a link.

Maybe you have a really good trick for maintaining your Mustang’s interior and you wrote a blog about it. If you see a post about asking for advice on their car’s interior, write a thoughtful response and ask them to check out your blog post. You’re adding value and bringing something unique to the conversation.

Find Subreddits That Allow Links

This is going to be your biggest battle with Reddit. A lot of subreddits have rules against self-promotion, so choose your topic wisely.

If your topic is vague, do not post it.

If you feel that your blog really contributes to the community, give it a shot. My blog has content for general consumption, but most of my blogs are catered to my local area. I understand somebody from Texas doesn’t care about a local blog.

Since there are 100,000 subreddits, you can find communities where your content can shine. It’s important to speak to the right audience. If you’re traveling to another state and write about it, see what others think about your blog.

Promoting any form of content on Reddit is difficult. Be prepared to field questions and speak about why you’re posting your content. Some of my biggest successes are from actively engaging with other Redditors. When the community finds value in your work, you’ll see your traffic grow. That’s how you can effectively increase blog traffic using Reddit.