Emily Wilson Announces Release Date and Cover for ‘The Iliad’

The Iliad - Emily Wilson

It wasn’t long ago that classicist Emily Wilson became the first woman to translate The Odyssey. Wilson translated Homer’s timeless epic into a modern format that’s digestible for all audiences. For the past couple of years, she’s been busy translating The Iliad and recently announced its release. 

‘The Iliad’ Translated by Emily Wilson

Wilson’s translation of The Iliad will hit stores on September 26, 2023, according to her announcement on Twitter. Along with the release date, she unveiled the cover, which features Ingsu Liu of the publishing company W.W. Norton and Company. says that Liu “is a Vice President and Executive Art Director at W. W. Norton and Company. She began her career in book design at Penguin over 30 years ago.”

The Iliad tells the story of the Trojan War, a ten-year-long conflict between the Greeks and the Trojans over Helen. Helen was taken from her husband, Menelaus, by the Trojan prince Paris. Depicted in cinema and modern content, the story comes from Homer’s ancient poem. 

Wilson’s translation of the epic is highly anticipated as her version of The Odyssey received raving reviews. You can purchase the book through the link below (Affiliate Link). 

Not only is Wilson a classicist, but she is a professor at the University of Pennsylvania. Her site states that she “…is the College for Women Class of 1963 Term Professor in the Humanities, professor of Classical Studies, and graduate chair of the Program in Comparative Literature & Literary Theory…”

It’s exciting to have Homer’s The Iliad translated by Wilson. You can preorder your copy on her site through multiple providers. Check out this link.

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