Cool Off With These 4 Frozen Dessert Shops in Phoenixville 

Frozen Desserts - Petrucci's Phoenixville
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Summer is almost here. It’s time to fire up the grill, put on some music, and relax outside. The season for outdoor activities is upon us, and we’re serving up a blog to get you in the mood. It’s May, and the weekend forecast is predicting a sultry 93 degrees. Whether or not the temperature stays the course, we can look forward to beating the heat with a summertime classic–ice cream. Let’s take a look at 4 places for frozen desserts in Phoenixville. 

Brown’s Cow 

This quaint ice cream shop lives on Main Street. It features over 40 flavors that cater to any palette. The shop features classic signage and keepsakes. If you’re looking for a spot within walking distance of boutiques and restaurants, Brown’s Cow is your ice cream shop. Be mindful that this is a cash-only business. 

Brown's Cow - Frozen Desserts
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You can’t miss the pink roof and parking lot on Nutt Road. Petrucci’s is an ice cream and water ice shop. The shop has tons of permanent scoops and temporary flavors on rotation. They also serve other items like frozen cappuccinos and soda floats. The Nutt Road location has ample parking out back and handicapped parking in front. 

Gemelli Cafe 

This shop is Phoenixville’s newest frozen treat spot. Gemelli serves artisan gelato and other handcrafted desserts. Not to be confused with ice cream, gelato has a different texture. In terms of how it’s made, the ingredients share a similar foundation but vary in the process. The new location opened earlier this month and sits next to Vecchia Pizza on Bridge Street. 

Bridge Street Chocolates 

This might be a secret, but Bridge Street Chocolates serves ice cream sandwiches. They partnered with iSwich Gourmet to bring a frozen treat to the shop. iSwich is another gourmet shop based in West Chester specializing in desserts. It’s a unique way to shop local and support gourmet dessert establishments. 

There you have it, a few more ways to support local businesses. Stay updated with menus, rotations, and specials by visiting social media. Also, check out @bizcolumnistpxv on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to get recommendations for Phoenixville and more. 

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