After 25 Years, O’Grady’s Stays True to Its Family Roots

O'Grady's Family Restaurant in Phoenixville
O’Grady’s in Phoenixville –

20 years ago, an ambitious teenager walked through the doors of a family-owned business in Phoenixville. 19-year-old William “Bill” Ridge was starting his first day as a server at his uncle’s restaurant–O’Grady’s. In 1995, Ridge’s Uncle, Ray Coffey, purchased the property at 273 Schuylkill Road. Coffey’s vision was to create a place for families to come together and enjoy comfort food. For Ridge, he didn’t know that years later he would return to his uncle’s business as the owner of the family restaurant. 

A Family Business

At one time, Coffey owned 5 locations—all with a similar “O’Grady’s” vibe. You may even remember going there with your grandparents. 

While operating 5 restaurants, Coffey taught Ridge about the timeless menu. 

There aren’t many places around the area that offer diner-esque, comfort food. Nothing warms your soul like creamed chipped beef or stacks of golden pancakes. 

As the times have changed, you know that a meal like that never grows old. It’s the type of food that makes you feel at home.

As Ridge grew older, he pursued a career in the restaurant business. He built teams, managed bars, and even cooked thousands of wings for the Wing Bowl. 

No matter where he went, he attributed his start to O’Grady’s. So, when he returned to the area, he knew that his next project was to continue the family legacy.

O’Grady’s Today

Ridge wanted to retain the current look but start fresh with a new logo, which proudly stands along the highway. Additionally, he began working on updating the menu and adding better-quality ingredients. 

The restaurant is now open 7 days a week and offers online ordering. That means you don’t need to drive to O’Grady’s for the comfort food you desperately need.

If you are looking to sit down and eat, there’s plenty of parking too. The restaurant is only a short drive from the downtown Phoenixville area. 

As the restaurant continues to grow under Ridge, keep a lookout for new specials. As recently as last month, an announcement was made to honor veterans with free coffee. Ridge feels strongly about serving those who served us. 

O’Grady’s isn’t just a place for a hearty meal, it’s a business built upon family values. If you want to visit, check out the site for location and contact details.

Follow O’Grady’s on Instagram too. 

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