Kiwi Yogurt Founder Launches App to Help Small Business Owners Find Part-Time Workers 

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Owning and operating a small business presents a variety of challenges and obstacles. From being on the front line with workers to managing personnel, small business owners are constantly making decisions to serve their community. As the economy shifts, hiring part-time employees can be difficult and expensive. Matt Mealey, the founder of Kiwi Yogurt, knows the hiring issues well and created an app to help small business owners like him. 

WorkaPart: Connecting Businesses to Part-Time Workers

When Matt Mealey began Kiwi Yogurt, he explored numerous options for hiring part-time workers. As a small business owner, he found the big-name hiring companies to be unaffordable. The idea to start WorkaPart spawned from the need to find an affordable solution to hiring. 

Getting started on WorkaPart is simple. After a profile is created, users are able to browse the job board, apply for the jobs they’re interested in, and see current and former employee reviews within minutes. Also, the applicant is able to upload a 30-second video to their application to provide additional details about who they are to the employer. 

As a business, you aren’t charged on a subscription plan or a per-applicant basis. WorkaPart features a flat flee and a pay-per-credit system that allows businesses to see what they’re spending and never be overcharged

WorkaPart is the first site and app dedicated to part-time hiring! You’ll pay $25.00 for a job posting. If you’re looking to hire part-time workers in the new year, use the promo code “PART” for a free job posting (Exp. 4/30/2023). 

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